Meet Raku Inoue

«Meet Raku Inoue, the master of recreating subjects from intricate compositions of natural matter.  As a multidisciplinary artists born in Tokyo and now based in Montreal, Inoue first studied drawing, painting and handcrafting, and later expanded into digital photography, light studies, image composition and post-production editing. While also known for his polymer clay sculptures, his recent works are sculptures primarily composed or organic materials like flowers, leaves, vegetables, seeds and stems of various species.

Garnering international attention, it is through his many different methods and techniques that he challenges himself to continuosly evolve as an artist. We caught up with him to understand what inspired him for the cover of the third edition of Growers & Co. Magazine»

Photo-reportage pour le magazine Growers & Co, Automne 2021, numéro 3.

Client: Growers & Co | Direction Artistique:  Mélanie Grénon

Montréal, Qc. 2021

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